Yelp Scam – Yelp Fraud

This review was brought to our attention by one of my dearest friends. He is a well known software developer, and software engineer. His business and his home had been hit hard by theft, on more than one occasion, and having hit a hard time in his life, he decided to use Yelp Advertising Services to increase sales a new business gig he managed to obtain just to try to keep his head above water, and feed his family. This turned out to be a complete nightmare. According to our dear friend, he says that not only did Yelp NOT do ANY advertising as they promised, but once he cancelled his credit card so that Yelp won’t bill him another $297.00 dollars, Yelp admits that they called his BANK, and waved their contract around, and they socially manipulated his bank to give up his new credit card number. They went ahead and updated his yelp account listing with his new number, and charged an absorbent $595.00 American Dollars for early cancellation. THEN, THEY CHARGED ANOTHER MONTH’S $297.00 FOR CONTINUED SERVICE!

Click Here for the video proof guys, DO NOT USE YELP. They are the most fraudulent company. Once you sign their contract, they are not legally obligated to even serve your ad, but are completely entitled to charge you, and continue charging you.